International mirror for people.json

The people.json file is hosted in an S3 bucket that lacks an international mirror or CDN. The first few lines arrive swiftly, after which things slow to a crawl. Less than 1kBps for the download. Could you please provide a different mirror?

Right now I can’t even get started with this course :frowning:

I’ve had this issue before with other courses and then the workaround was to fire up a Linux server of my own on AWS, in Europe, so I could download the file “internally” inside S3/AWS. Still… I’d much rather that you guys provide a performant download link.

Take care! :slight_smile:

As I mentioned: my quick workaround was to spin up a temporary VM on AWS in Frankfurt. That one had no trouble downloading And from there on it was quick to download the file from my VM onto my local computer.

Still: that’s one hoop too many for a lot of people to jump through :wink:


I agree. I’ll pass your comment on to the curriculum development team. It seems to me that it should be possible to link the download to a CDN that’s available world-wide. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Have you guys fixed this already?! You guys work fast :slight_smile:

I’m on chapter 3, and we need to get the, which rings in at 30MB. The download started at 40kBps, went down to 15kBps and then all of a sudden exploded into >1MBps :smiley: Very odd, but at least it downloaded pretty quickly.

@ Tess_Sluijter

I don’t know – I just passed the suggestion along. But in any case, I’m glad it’s improved! :wink: