Interactive IDE is not working

I am trying to paste connection string on ide but ide is not loading. I have checked the forums and tried all the methods like clearing cache, history etc. Also changed browser too. Please help.

Hi @Abhishek_Gautam2,

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Can you share the screenshot of the IDE page. Is there any error message or warning?

~ Kushagra

Hi @Abhishek_Gautam2,

Kindly log out and log in again while clearing your cookies and website data.
It will work as expected.


Please is there a way to paste script on the IDE instead of having to type them in.
Am trying to paste my connection details to complete Chapter 1: What is MongoDB?
Lab: Connect to your Atlas Cluster.
Thank you for your feedback

Hi, Please am trying to test my connection strings on the IDE am sure I entered the correct username but the connection still failed. Please what am I doing wrong.


You have to press the ENTER key after entering the command.