Integrating React-Native Realm and Android/iOS Native Realms at the same time

Hello Realm community,
I joined a project on my team that uses Realm in a react native project and it currently has Realm integrated on the react-native layer and on the native layers. The reason for this is because there are needs to support realm in our custom react native modules and also on the RN layer itself.

This means that we maintain realm identical realm schema’s separately in three places

  1. A realm schema & instance on the RN layer
  2. A realm schema & instance on the iOS native layer
  3. A realm schema & instance on the Android native layer

This created a situation where realm is difficult to maintain.
We are interested in eliminating this redundancy.

A few questions here:

  1. Is it common for projects to have realm integrated in the react-native layer and on the native layer at the same time, or is this an anti-pattern?
  2. What are some methods we may be able to use to migrate our current integration to where we can maintain our realm schema in one place though still have it accessible on both the native and react-native layer at the same time?
  3. What is the proper way to have this integration in the first place. When we were first setting this up, we noticed that it was not straightforward to figure out which versions of the native realm and react-native realm worked nicely together.