Instructions for Ubuntu 18.04

Instructions in the Readme file don’t include Ubuntu. Any lead?

They’re the same for other Linux distributions as far as I can tell. What are you stuck on?

I stuck on running first test
pytest -m connection
on Ubuntu server 18
This demanded to install request, selenium, ipython, ipython-notebook, jupyter, pyqy5, nose, promt_toolkit, matplotlib
Ended with error “The baseline image directory does not exist”
Any ideas?

Hello SA_47571,

Thanks for the note, sorry you’ve encountered this issue.

Are you using an Anaconda virtual environment? If so, make sure you install the necessary dependencies with pip install -r requirements.txt.

Let me know if this helps!


I use virtualenv and istalled all requirements
Maybe there is some issue with virtualenv
Will try anaconda right now

With Anaconda everything is OK

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Hello SA_47571,

I’m glad you solved the issue! Anaconda makes it pretty easy to install and use Python packages, on both Windows and Mac.