Installing MongoDB

Hi All,

I’m new to MongoDb and have been exploring through for building a web app. I don’t wish to use Atlas and would like to use MongoDb on my machine instead. Could someone please help with installation instructions on a mac?


Hi @Sachin_58473,

Please follow the instructions mentioned in this post for installing MongoDB Server on your Mac computer.

Hope it helps!

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer

Thanks Shubham, I tried this out.

Attached is the screenshot. I didn’t see anything happening.


I might be wrong here because I didn’t take this course, but I’m looking at the course brief and it mentions Compass. Aren’t there any instructions re this on the course?

There however seems to be a slight disconnect between the brief and the agenda (i.e. no mention of Compass):

Nevertheless, if this course doesn’t use Compass at all and focuses mainly on Atlas, then as a new MongoDB user you may struggle to reconcile what is being taught in Atlas to the Compass UI.

My suggestion to you is to learn the basics in this course and use whatever tool is being used, and then look at doing other courses that use Compass or a driver. As a Developer, there are other courses that would suit your purpose:

  • MongoDB for Java/JavaScript/Python Developers (M121)
  • The MongoDB Aggregation Framework (M220)

Have a look at the Developer path offerings for even more courses.