Installing MongoDB 4.0.5

I tried to install MongoDB 4.0.5
It couldn’t move in the next step.

Please wait while the Sepup Wizerd installs MongoDB 4.0.5 2008R2Plus Enterprise (64 bit).
Status : Installing MongoDB Compass… (this may take a few minutes)

Above messages are shown continuously…

Please share which OS you are using. Check for compatibility. And try installing 4.0.3 if that is success.



I have another problem while following chapter 2.

I couldn’t get handouts

The error message is below.

Hi Bo_Ram_23039,

For some reason I am unable to see the error message you have attached.

Here is one Handout that you can download:


hi Kanika I am trying to install 4.0.3 on windows 7 professional 64-bit, it is not progress after

Installing MongoDB Compass… (this may take a few minutes). Please help me on it, also what are the system requirements.

System requirements are listed on Mongo website only. The only requirement for Windows is 64-bit.
Latest version is 4.0.5. Try downloading from this link:



If we unslect ‘install compass’ during installation (if compass is alreay installed as per Chapter 1) then we don’t get that error.


Can you please help me with direct download link of MongoDB Enterprise Server 4.0.9 for Windows OS?
I’ve tried severally without success. I even had to register with another email address and still no success.

Hi @Samuel_99994,

Please retry downloading MongoDB Enterprise Server from MongoDB Download Center.


Hello Sonali,

Thank you so much.