Installing mongo shell (windows)

Hello, when following the steps I notice that the version i get the option of installing from the download centre is version 4 rather than version 3.4 in the video. I changed the path reflecting this. When I then move on to the video ‘Connecting to our class Atlas cluster’ and try to access the 100YWeatherSmall database using the command in the lecture notes i get 'exception: login failed; with the warning ‘shell and server versions do not match’. Advice gratefully received.

Same problem for me.

What do u mean by that… Am using version 4 of the shell and it’s working for both class default Atlas cluster and my own cluster.

in the video the path was ‘C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Server\3.4\bin’ as the path in my directory structure is 4.0 I made the path ‘C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Server\4.0\bin’.

In subsequent attempts I was able to log in to the 100YWeatherSmall cluster (as noted above I got ‘exception: login failed’ initially) which may mean the problem is not significant.

I was receiving an error saying that server version and shell version don’t match, but later when I tried to query all worked. This error message is a bit confusing when you see it the first time. Now all is fine.

@Ramil_06268 In dev environment like one we are running now, version mismatch does not really need to be considered… You should only make sure she’ll version match server version only when running a in production.

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