Installing Mongo Ops Manager

I m trying to install mongo ops manager on ubuntu 18 for Mongo server version 4.0.24, when I m starting the service (using: sudo service mongodb-mms start ) it fails at pre-flight checks fails:

Starting pre-flight checks
mongodb-mms[18716]: Ops Manager may only be used with a backing MongoDB database that is at least at version 4.4.0: Config{loadBalance=false, encryptedCredentials=false, ssl='false', dbNames='[mmsdbautomation, mmsdbserverlog, mmsdbpings, monitoringdiagnostics, mmsdbprofile, mmsdbjobs, agentlogs, automationcore, monitoringstatus, automationstatus, mmsdbrealmrrd, mmsdbserverlessrrd, chartsmetadata, mmsdbprovisionlog, mmsdb, mmsrt, mmsdbrrd, mmsdbconfig, mmsdblogcollection, mongologsmetadata, backupusage, mmsdbagentlog, mmsdbbilling, backuplogs, backupstatus, mmsdbmetering, mmsdbautomationlog, ndsstatus, cloudconf, backupdb, nds, mmsdbqueues, mmsdbprovisioning]', uri=mongodb://localhost:23456/}
mongodb-mms[18716]: Pre-flight checks failed. Service can not start.
mongodb-mms[18716]: Preflight check failed.
mongodb-mms.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE
mongodb-mms.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.

I even tried with automation.versions.source=remote and also automation.versions.source=local by placing binary, but output remains same.

Can someone plz help. Thanks

Looks to be compatibility issues
Your mongodb version should be min 4.4.Thats what error says
What version of Ops manager. are you installing?
Check compatibility matrix

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