Installing Enterprise for MongoDB University course

Pretty embarrassing but I’m going through MongoDB University for my first course in installing Mongo Shell on OS and after I’ve gone through the steps as outlined the command line response is: -Bash: Mongo: command not found.

I am running OS Catalina (10.15.4), downloaded MongoDB Enterprise Server 4.2.7 tgz package, unpacked the package and went into my terminal to switch the Zsh shell to bash shell.

Everything seems to work until I terminate the existing terminal and open a new terminal session. I enter the command mongo —nodb as instructed and I receive the error response mentioned above.

Granted, I’ve NEVER worked on a command line in my life!


You should search the MongoDB University forum for this as a solution has already been provided. Basically it is related to the fact that $PATH variable is not updated with the installation directory.

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Thanks Steeve. I’ll go and find that thread. Would you mind if I message you again if I’m still having issues?


I am on both forums. I’ll see your message for sure.