Installation Of Compass

I have a query regarding the installation of MongoDB Compass tool.

In the official website,

The full version of MongoDB Compass, with all features and capabilities. Compass is available as part of our subscriptions whereas MongoDB Community is a free tool for developing with MongoDB and includes a subset of the features of Compass. The Community Edition is freely available to all users.

But in the course it is told to install the stable version of MongoDb Compass. So is it free for use?

I wanted to know the clear difference between these two versions?

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@Aravind_82980 I’ve taken that course, it is free to use, they do ask for some information but I haven’t gotten any requests/spam because of that. One of the reasons is that the community edition doesn’t have the schema viewer which is used in some of the lessons.


@Mike_67094, is it possible to install both mongodb community version using CLI and compass on the same system? Windows 10 in my own instance says I should consult the developer, installer package not windows…bla bla

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Yes you can install the shell and Compass on one and the same system without problems.

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I downloaded Windows 10 64-bit(7+)(MSI) but this is the error I’m getting when I try installing the mongodb compass on my windows 10:

Version 1.6.3 (stable) for windows 64-bit(7+)(MSI) platform. From the download center.

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@Mike_67094 Thanks, I now understand.

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@James_22203 As others have stated, yes you can. I’m not 100% sure of the route on windows, but on Mac I have the community and enterprise editions of Compass Installed, both pointing to an enterprise edition of MongoDB


Thanks Mike,

I was able to fix the error.

The course says download 1.15 stable but i don’t see that option in the drop down list, I can only see 1.16 in the stable list and had downloaded mongodb-compass-1.16.4-win32-x64.msi.

Tried to run the installer and goes to Gathering information and then nothing happens.
What’s wrong?

You should get the EXE, not the MSI. The MSI is for unattended installations, while you’re working manually.

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