Install my nodjs dependecies, helppppp me

i saw that we cannot install then “handly” but they told by drag a or tar it will install automaticlly, after my dragging i get this message which i don’t understant’ please help .

Failed to upload node_modules.tar.gz: unknown: static is a reserved word in strict mode (1:6) > 1 | const static = require(‘node-static’); | ^ 2 | const server = new static.Server(’.’, {cache: 0}); 3 | 4 | require(‘http’).createServer(function(req, res) {

thank you very much

Hi @Mu_Hallumi, welcome to the community forum!

If you can share the contents of your package.json file then I can see if I hit the same problem.

Hi @Mu_Hallumi and welcome in the MongoDB Community :muscle: !

Yes, it’s a known issue. That’s why Realm Dependencies are still in Beta. Dependencies need to be transpiled in Realm and this step can go wrong. This is the error you get: the transpiler fails to interpret from code from the module.

Some dependencies are built-in:

This is a beta feature and it’s still not ready for mass prod as you can see.


thnak you, that mean with my node_modules i cannot declare my functions to deploy them to my app WebSite, any way do you know maybe if there is another way to connect my nodjs server when have mongoose schemas models and controllers of each collection, in generally how could connect my webste domin to nodejs that connected to mongodb by mongoose.

is there is a way?

thank you