Inquiry about NotifyCollectionChangedAction of CollectionChanged event of IRealmCollection

NotifyCollectionChangedAction has Rest, Remove, Add, Move, Replace.

In IRealmCollection.CollectionChanged Event, when it is multiple add(Add(IList)), multiple delete(RemoveRange(IQueryable)) or RemoveAll, NotifyCollectionChangedAction.Reset

1 Add NotifyCollectionChangedAction.Add Occurred

1 Delete NotifyCollectionChangedAction.Remove Occurred

With the rest of NotifyCollectionChangedAction.Move
It doesn’t seem to be used.

NotifyCollectionChangedAction.Move is used in RealmCollectionBase source, but I don’t know how to implement it.

Is my understanding correct?
If I’m misunderstanding, please explain.
thank you

Welcome to the forums!

There’s a template in the Getting Started Guide React To Changes that may be helpful but I am not sure the question is super-clear.

What specifically are you trying to implement - how to ‘move’ objects or how to handle that event or…?