Inquiry About Future Features in MongoDB Community Edition

I am a developer currently utilizing MongoDB Community Edition and am very impressed with its capabilities and performance. Recently, I attended a webinar where one of the MongoDB developers mentioned potential new features that could be added to the Community Edition. This piqued my interest, particularly concerning the integration of Vector Search and enhanced Full-Text Search capabilities.

Given the increasing importance of these features in modern applications for improved search functionality and data handling, could you provide any insights or confirmations regarding the inclusion of Vector Search and Full-Text Search in future releases of MongoDB Community Edition? Any details about upcoming features or the roadmap would greatly assist in planning our development and implementation strategies.

Hi @wangzhang_wu

Full Text Search and Vector Search will be coming to Community later this year, this was announced at NYC.local last week.

In the meantime it is available on MongDB Atlas and it can also be developed against using a local deployment via Atlas Cli if your host meets the requirements.

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Hi Chris,

Thank you for confirming the announcement regarding the new features being added to the community edition. Could you please clarify whether all the implementation details associated with these features will also be open-sourced?

Hi Chris, I was wondering if full text search feature that is coming the community edition of MongoDB is the same as the Atlas Search Index. If not, could you tell what the differences are. Thanks.

Yes it is the same feature.

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License details were not mentioned in the announcement.