Initial setup for m121

Hi Team, I am learning m121 course , But cannot able to configure mongo setup. For example it is asking to create new directory “For this course, you will need to create m121 directory in your system.”.

Where to create this directory ? Also where we can run below string ?

mongo “mongodb://,,” --authenticationDatabase admin --ssl -u m121 -p aggregations --norc

I have set up replica set on altas but this is not connecting string .

Earlier mongodb course was very basic and step by step explained but now it is not :frowning_face:

Please help how to set up lab environment ?



they give you a connection string in one of the first lessons, to an Atlas cluster they set up for all students.

Only need of a local folder to download files etc.

And mongo shell needs to be installed locally.

If, after all, you keep having troubles, come back and ask :slight_smile:

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Hi @Prabhat_Verma,

In your system, you can create a m121 directory anywhere. In my case, I have created it in my home directory.

You can follow the steps given below in your terminal:

  1. To create a m121 directory, run: mkdir m121
  2. Then, navigate to this directory using the command: cd m121
  3. Then you can run the following connection string from the terminal:

mongo “mongodb://,,” --authenticationDatabase admin --ssl -u m121 -p aggregations --norc

All the handouts that you download in the Course Labs/Homework, make sure you save them in this m121 directory. It will be easier to access the validation scripts from within the mongo shell.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,