Initial mongod has wired tiger errors in log

Edit: Sorry, this is a red herring. I had missed a typo in my shutdown command.

In the “Learning Activity: Big Bank Database Authentication,” the initial instance of MongoDB is failing to start. This is before I’ve made any changes. It’s error log shows a Wired Tiger error “fallocate:: Operation not supported”

{"t":{"$date":"2022-04-06T12:50:11.182+00:00"},"s":"I",  "c":"INDEX",    "id":20345,   "ctx":"LogicalSessionCacheRefresh","msg":"Index build: done building","attr":{"buildUUID":null,"namespace":"config.system.sessions","index":"lsidTTLIndex","commitTimestamp":{"$timestamp":{"t":0,"i":0}}}}
{"t":{"$date":"2022-04-06T12:50:11.386+00:00"},"s":"E",  "c":"STORAGE",  "id":22435,   "ctx":"thread1","msg":"WiredTiger error","attr":{"error":95,"message":"[1649249411:386277][37:0x7f51e1989700], log-server: __posix_std_fallocate, 58: /var/mongodb/db/journal/WiredTigerTmplog.0000000003: fallocate:: Operation not supported"}}
{"t":{"$date":"2022-04-06T12:50:11.386+00:00"},"s":"E",  "c":"STORAGE",  "id":22435,   "ctx":"thread1","msg":"WiredTiger error","attr":{"error":95,"message":"[1649249411:386345][37:0x7f51e1989700], log-server: __posix_sys_fallocate, 75: /var/mongodb/db/journal/WiredTigerTmplog.0000000003: fallocate:: Operation not supported"}}

Hi @JamisonW, welcome to the community.
Is the error solved now?
If not, can you please make sure, that the version of mongod you were using before is the same as the current version?

In case you have any doubts, please feel free to reach out to us.

Thanks and Regards.
Sourabh Bagrecha,
Curriculum Services Engineer