Info About M201

Good Morning,
I’m starting 1st lab in M201 Lesson, I immediately noticed that it wasn’t there M201 VM, how can I do to complete Labs in this lesson. Only I can install MongoDB in My PC with vagrant or I have to use M103 VM?

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Yes you can use M103 VM
No special VM for M201

Lab 1.1 - Where to find M201 database

There is no need for any VM here.

Vagrant + VM was used for M103, to validate our Labs. There is no dependency of MongoDB on VM or Vagrant.

You could directly install MongoDB on you laptop. All you need to do is run the executable for your OS.
Once done, just start the daemon by typing in “mongod” and this should start your daemon at default port 27017. Once done, start the mongo shell client in another session by using command “mongo”. It is simple…

Just ensure that you have the path /data/db created before you run mongod, as this is the default dbpath, if you don’t specify one… Alternatively you could give some other path on your laptop using the –dbpath option while initiating mongod.