Infinitely recursive deeply nested objects of same type with relationship defined parameters

Hey guys,

I have been researching this topic for a pretty long time and have gone from DynamoDB to Postgresql to Neo4j and now ending up at MongoDB hoping for an ideal solution.

I have a collection say called objects and another collection called relationships. Basically, the objects can have children of other objects in the same collection. The confusing part is I want a relationships defined so that I can have custom parameters for each child object and also only have object data store in only one place for each object. For example this object should be sold at the price of 1 when under parent object A and sold at price of 2 when under the parent object B so that needs to be defined in the relationship.

Someone in this github issue sorta talks about it

if someone can help me with an example of this you would honestly make my life. I have been trying to find a solution to this and cant for the life of me. Thank you so much

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I am using nodejs with graphql by the way. So mongoose