Index Search Not Updated Aggregate $out


I have update my collection with aggregate $out, but my search index was not updated and still have old documents inside !

Any Idea what is appening ?

Thanks for help !


Hi @Jonathan_Gautier,

Not sure what exactly you observe ? Do you see that regular aggregation return one document but the text search can’t find it after the $out?

Also what cluster type is that?


I got M30.

The problem was i got 192912 documents in my collection. But in my Search Index i got 325113 documents.
Why my search index was not updated ?

( I have talk about aggregate because i update my collection for searching with an aggregate $out, my aggregate return 192912 documents and update my collection ! But after this my search index was not updated )

Thanks !

Hi @Jonathan_Gautier,.

I am afraid that the Atlas search cannot support auto indexing of $out results at the moment. So when $out is finished it will rename the collection it output to and that changes the uuid of the collection resulting in detaching the index .

You should try the following:

  • drop and recreate search index
  • try $merge instead

Thanks for sharing this we will update docs to point this limitation.


Thanks for your help !

$merge was the solution of my problem ! He update my search index instantly <3

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