Inconsistencies with "<var> == NONE <list>" query

Hi! I’ve been having some issues trying to query a local Realm database for items not in a list of ID’s.
The main goal is to get a list of IDs to remove from the database, in this case compare it to a new list of IDs and delete all of them that is not part of that list.

The problem is that the query returns items it shouldn’t if the list contains only one item.
As an example:
There is an item with _id “id1” in the database, the list also contains “id1”, but it returns that the “id1” object should be removed either way.

The only way to work around this is to add dummy items to the list so the number of “newItemIds” is never below 2.

newItemIds is of type mutableList<String>
Primary keys is of type String

val itemsToRemove = query<LocationObject>(
                                "_id == NONE $0",

Does anyone have any idea if I’m doing something wrong, or if this is a genuine issue with the SDK?

Realm version: 1.13.0 (both kotlin base and kotlin plugin)