In MongoDB 5.0, "stable api" only used in atlas? or it can use in community edition?

I’m considering a version upgrade 4.2 to (4.4 or 5.0)
May I use “stable api” in community edition 5.0 version?

( In MongoDB 5.0, “stable api” only used in atlas? or it can use in community edition? )

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Yes, you can use the Stable API feature in MongoDB Community Edition 5.0. This feature previously labeled the Versioned API, lets you upgrade your MongoDB server at will, and ensure that behavior changes between MongoDB versions do not break your application.

The default behavior for your driver connection will continue to function as expected, even if you do not explicitly specify an apiVersion. The Stable API encompasses the subset of MongoDB commands that applications use to read and write data, create collections and indexes, and perform other common tasks.

For more information, please refer below documentation


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Hello @Tarun_Gaur,
Thanks you for the reply.

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