Improving the add comments feature

Hi all,
When I tested the real application, I found out that, when a comment is added to a movie through the web app, the name of the user in not visible in the added comment. The root cause is that the field ‘name’ is not set in the document. To improve thet, I added the following code to the class:
line 27:

@Autowired private UserDao userDao;
line 282:
// update: add the name of the commenter to make it visible
User u = userDao.getUser(email);
if (u == null) {
results.put(“error”, MessageFormat.format(“while adding a comment for the e-mail ‘%s’: not referenced as user”, email));
line 294:
As a result, the name of the commenter is now visible after adding a comment in the GUI.


Thanks @ldecloedt - we will fix this from our end.