Improper lab "Apply the Schema Versioning Pattern"

It is unfair to ask the question that implies awareness of the pattern that has not been told yet. I mean the polymorphic pattern. “There is no need to use the schema versioning pattern… In this case, applying the Polymorphic Pattern, which will be covered later is the more appropriate approach”.
Without knowing the polymorphic pattern, the versioning pattern sounds applicable for that particular problem. I feel cheated.

Hi evgeni,

The detailed answer did not mean to confuse learners. The question is “which of the scenarios are best suited for Schema Versioning Pattern”.

And scenario x is not suited for Schema Versioning Pattern as both applications are flexible to handle and there is no need for modification.

However, in detailed answer we mentioned that polymorphic pattern will be suited for this situation, we are not expecting learners to know about the same and the answer is not based on the future process.


You can also think of it as an exercise to revise your model based on new knowledge, i.e. when you get to the polymorphic pattern.

@kanikasingla you might have just revealed some part of the answer there :wink:

@007_jb I was sure the answers were always shuffled.

I’m not so sure @evgeni . I think they’re re-used in the same order. :grin: