IMpossible to proceed without any help

I already passed the M001 course, thought to give a try to this course; BUt Its impossible to pass this course due to lack of support. I have been using Ubuntu 18.04. Notes and all seem outdated. Take care alll !

What are the issues you are facing?

Post screenshots.

MOstly everywhere

not specific enough

directories must exist

BUt how to create all those ?

Hi @sid_roy,

You need to have some sort of familiarity with the linux operating system and its commands.

We have provided a short tutorial on Linux in the course itself to help our students. Please take a look at this lecture Chapter 0: Introduction to Linux Basics.

In general, if you face any difficulty or have any questions related to what’s being taught in the course, please feel free to reach out to us in the forum. We would be really happy to answer your questions.

~ Shubham

REply mate :slight_smile: