Importing data from .csv using mongoimprt

Hi folk! I am trying to import 7 million records from a CSV file into a collection using mongoimport . This collection already have around 8 million records. I want to check if there are any duplicate emails while importing the records from the file. To achieve this, I am using --mode upsert --upsertFields email. I am using NodeJS for this purpose and executing command using shell-exec package. While running the command I gets an error message which I am unable to understand. I would really appreciate if anyone could help me out. Below is the error message which I am getting.

‘2022-10-20T19:39:52.847+0100\tconnected to: mongodb://\n2022-10-20T19:39:55.849+0100\t[…] notitia.usb2bs\t1.09MB/1.22GB (0.1%)\n2022-10-20T19:39:58.849+0100\t[…] notitia.usb2bs\t1.09MB/1.22GB (0.1%)\n2022-10-20T19:40:01.240+0100\t[…] notitia.usb2bs\t1.09MB/1.22GB (0.1%)\n2022-10-20T19:40:01.240+0100\tFailed: (InterruptedAtShutdown) interrupted at shutdown\n2022-10-20T19:40:01.240+0100\t0 document(s) imported successfully. 0 document(s) failed to import.\n’,