Image failed to load

Images can’t be loaded using “http”, the server responds with error 403. All documents in movies collection should have “https” protocol in poster field instead of just “http”.
Example: - fail - OK

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How to solve this problem?


You could update your DB and add “s” for every poster which “exists” and “not null” (see mongodb doc for more) or you could update your View (JS code), something like a patch. I would not recommend either though, the latter is just a workaround and the former is enormous write operation on DB and I assume that it would take long time to run on free tier - and you can still get some error which can render the effort pointless (assuming you craft your command carefully). Hopefully the team will fix this for us.

P.S. Apart for the minor hick-up described in my post mongodb courses are amazing!! I am using ubuntu 18.04 and everything works like a charm - Compass (google it), shell, Atlas, serious craftsmanship there… good job guys!


We will be providing a new dump with the image links corrected.
Unfortunately, this is resource dependency that we do not manage but we will correct it very soon.
Stay tuned.


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Ok, thanks @Norberto