“Image failed to load" error in UI

The “movies” collection includes URLs to movie posters, so they can be rendered in the UI. However, these movie posters has been moved to a different location, and their URLs have changed.

We are working to fix this issue. For the time being, please do not be alarmed by the “Image failed to load” messages that appear in the UI.

This should not prevent you from completing the assignments, or using the functionality of the MFlix application.


Hi All,

The images have been fixed with correct URLs, however you will need to redownload the mflix-java.zip file (from Chapter 0: Introduction and Setup and select the handouts tab) and then you will need to reimport the movies collections into your database. The instructions for Chapter 0: Introduction and Setup - Lecture README are mostly applicable with the changes to the mongorestore noted below:

# navigate to mflix directory
cd mflix-java/mflix

# import data into Atlas, specifically only import the movies collection with the updated poster urls
mongorestore ./data/mflix/movies.bson.gz --drop --gzip --uri mongodb+srv://m220student:m220password@<YOUR_CLUSTER_URI>`