I'm new to databases and very confused

Hey guys. Thanks a lot for your help with my previous questions.

I’m still learning about databases. I was going to learn SQLite but decided to go with MongoDB instead.

I’m expanding my knowledge with webdev which I’ll admit isn’t very much. I’m wanting to create a shopping cart application with JavaScript, where people can search through various categories (mens, womens, jewelry, etc.) and add the items that interest them to their cart, and at the end, get a total bill amount. I’m told to store my data in a database and… wow there is so much more to this than I could have ever imagined.

I did the M001 Basics and learned a lot, but I have no idea how to take my current project and insert it into a database like this. Maybe I’m doing the wrong thing, but I was given data to sort through in the various Sandbox labs, but it didn’t tell me anything about how to use this knowledge to create my own database.

I’m going through the M103 Basic Cluster Administration right now and yes, there’s a ton of great information in here, but again I’m failing to connect the dots on setting up my own database.

Am I going through the wrong thing? Am I just stupid? I am learning how to navigate through MongoDB in these courses, and I’m learning commands like rs.isMaster() and db.shutDownServer() and it all makes sense what I’m doing, but I’ve spent over 10 hours in these courses so far, and if you asked me to create my own database I would still be so confused.

Can someone give me some direction and maybe point me to the right courses I should be taking?

Hi :wave: @Dagger,

Welcome to the MongoDB University forums :sparkles: And Kudos to you for completing MongoDB University courses!

I’ll suggest you check out MongoDB Developer Center for amazing tutorials, articles, and getting started guide to building an application using MongoDB with a different programming language.

Also, please check out our MongoDB Youtube channel for video tutorials to build an app.

I hope it helps you to get started!


Thanks for the response. Having a bit of trouble understanding how to install everything.

I went to the installation page and it told me to download mongosh. I also downloaded MongoDB Community Server, but I don’t know if I need them both or if they are related at all.

I stored the mongosh folder in this location C:\Users\Dagger\Documents\mongo

I also have MongoDB in this file location C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Server\6.0

When I added the PATH location, I used C:\Users\Dagger\Documents\mongo\bin

I can launch mongosh just fine, but when I use the command mongosh --help like it suggests, I get an error. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong or if I’m missing a step, but I’ve spent about an hour trying to understand everything and feeling lost.