I'm enrolled in M103: Basic Cluster Administration

Sorry for disturb MongoDB TEAM, but I’ve enrolled in M103: Basic Cluster Administration and for personal problem I’ve could start the course and finished in the deadline… and leave as it…

But I’m interesting in al the Material of both Courses DBA and Developer.

Is there a way to get a new deadline or reset my activity only in this Course? to start from zero because I didn’t even start it… as you can see in the system logs…

Hope you can help me on this…

I also would like to know how is the deadline procedure? Is for module or for the complete course?


Hi @Hector_Louzao,

Thanks for reaching out.

Each offering of a course runs for a duration of ~60 days and you will have 53-60 days to complete the course based on when you enrolled.

The advertised deadline is for entire course.

You can enrol in the next offering of the M103 course by visiting this link and you can take the course as many times as you need to.

Hope it helps!

Let me know if you have any other questions.

~ Shubham