If my internet drop between certificate exam will exam be cancelled?

If my internet drop between certificate exam will exam be cancelled ?

Hi @Ritik_verma
in my case, while the DBA certification, my internet dropped. After 30min I could manage to reconnect. Time was not stopped. So I was down to little less than 60 min and I passed. So a stable line is a must have and in your own responsibility. I have not checked the process in cases I would have failed.
I actually have a stable line. But obviously you never know. Since this day I have a backup line (a LTE Stick plugged in my router) to take over the fixed wired connection in case of a line drop. It was an enormous coincidence that my line dropped in this specific 90 min. - You never know what is behind the next corner…

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MongoDB University certification exams are remotely supervised. If there are any significant technical issues the session will be flagged for review and follow up from our certification team.

You can also email the certification team (certification@mongodb.com) with details or concerns around issues that may have affected your certification exam.

A reliable internet connection is ideal, but we understand that sometimes there are unpredictable outages or technical issues. As Michael noted the session timer will not pause if you lose connectivity, but review will indicate whether you dropped out during the exam session. Manual review of session anomalies is part of our back office process of finalising exam results before publishing outcomes.



Hello Stennie,
good to know that there is a solid back office process. Thanks for the update!


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