IDE Terminal will not show text

Good day, this is copy paste since i am facing the same issue and there has not been any solution provided yet:

Hello, I have an issue with the lab for connecting to the Atlas cluster. The terminal will not show any text, instead it will only show striped boxes as opposed to characters. Even if I hit the plus button, the new terminal will not work either. I am on Firefox. Please advise.

The problem occurs using edge or chrome, the browser does not seem to be relevant

Hi @Maximilian_Veit and welcome to the MongoDB Community forums.

Your screenshot shows this happening when you type your password. This is expected. You don’t want your password displayed in plain text. Type the password in and then hit enter.

The lab Connect to your Atlas cluster in Chapter 1 has the following about this:

This terminal is a Unix machine, which means that when you type the password in nothing will display . This is normal. Everything that you are typing is still being recognized by the terminal.