I try to connect to my M0001 but with no result

I go to Mongo Atlas, get the connections string, modify it and then paste it into the IDE. What I get back is the message: “No such file or directory”.
The connection string that I paste into the IDE is: “mongodb+srv://cluster0.3jy4w.mongodb.net/cluster0” --apiVersion 1 --username Armando

Hey @Armando_Halpern,

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Please use the mongosh in the initial of the connection string to connect to your cluster via IDE.

For example:

mongosh "mongodb+srv://cluster0.3jy4w.mongodb.net/cluster0" --apiVersion 1 --username Armando

To read more about mongosh click here


I got this error: MongoshInvalidInputError: [COMMON-10001] Invalid URI

Please show screenshot of how you are connecting
In IDE you have to type mongo/mongosh followed by your connect string as explained in above post


Now it seems to have worked fine, but I cannot reach the Run Test button at the bottom of the screen.

Adjust your screen size.zoom out with F11
Also there will be scroll button on extreme right.Drag it to the bottom