I think my connection number too much. is it right?

In the real-time monitoring screen of MongoDB Atlas,
there is a section for connections which shows numbers like 227 to 240.
I’m only using MongoDB connected to three EC2 application servers, and to me, the number of connections seems too high. Is it common for everyone to have this many connections?

Hi @Jin_Hwan and welcome to the community forum!! :wave:

As mentioned in the official MongoDB documentation

Different Atlas tiers have different connection limits; clusters of size M0/M2/M5 , for example, are limited to 500 connections, and clusters of size M10 are limited to 1500 connections. Larger cluster tiers have higher connection limits

It would be helpful for us to understand the below to help you with a possible solution:

  1. What is the Atlas Tier that you are using ?
  2. Do you see any performance issues with increasing number of connections?
  3. What driver are you using to make the connection to the database at the application end?
  4. Finally, could you also help me with the cone snippet where you are trying to make the connection with Atlas?

The answer to the above questions would help us identify the issue if any and help you with a possible solutions.