I think i'm missing something here and I don't know what it is but these course labs seem overly difficult for a novice

You all have excellent content and I am appreciative that it is available at no cost. however, I feel there is something that is assumed in this lecture and other lectures I have done. In fact, it’s almost as if the lessons out of touch with how one is supposed to complete the labs.

I used to teach biochemistry and organic chemistry and those were always difficult subjects but I made a living tutoring those courses under 1 core belief. Give people everything they need to complete a question. And these lesson absolutely do not do this. They literally go into the challenge aspect of questions and answers vis a vis the labs.

I think you have to ask yourselves what does a person need to answer these questions. If you’re going to make it as difficult as you are then give better clues and understandings to how a person can complete the task.

A common mistake of an instructor is assuming the person has the background and understanding to take a question from thought to working out to completion. You as instructor have to ensure those tools are given. If not you get apathy, disconnect, loss of interest and ultimately a failed student.

Our jobs for using these tools is to learn not to decode what someone might have meant. When we have tools we will build and create that is because we have the tools to do so. Not because we’re figuring out which tools to use.

Again, ask yourselves this question. If you were new to this would this be confusing? If the answer is yes and you haven’t provided proper documentation or links to where the answer lies than the questions become innappropriate.

These comments are meant to be constructive please don’t take them personal. I just have seen this before with you guys and it’s just at the point where it is not being contstructive.

I can list out specifics of exactly what I am speaking of but in particular they are just the labs and what it takes to complete them. Code patterns… Debugging methods… For example you say were not using the local shell for the course… But what might be some debugging methods that can be used without the shell? I print our cursor and it is a jumbled mess in the console log. Again, what if you didn’t know… propose your questions accordingly. Please.


I agree I’ve always started from something simple and worked up to complexity, this starts from a way over complicated point of view in my opinion

@xtianus, could you help us helping you by telling us which steps are problematic. So far we are at Chapter 0 and Chapter 1. The steps mainly consisted in:

  1. download a zip file for the course material
  2. create a cluster on Atlas
  3. change a configuration file so that the project use the cluster created in step 2.
  4. change one or 2 lines of JavaScript code, it is a course for JavaScript developers after all.

Lol I know how to Javascript. The Javascript or setting up the environment from chapter 0 isn’t the issue. It is displaying the asked for labs in chapter 1. For example how should I debug to figure out if I am getting the correct query values.

You can put some print() statement around the code to see the input values. You may also try you query and projection from within the mongo shell.


.print() after the end statement… That must been what I was missing. Also, besides the shell is there a good tool for running these queries in a debug style setting. I looked at dbKoda and it seems to work like a traditional sql ide where you can run highlighted
statements? Anything you recommend besides the shell?

MongoDB compass is good to explore the database. I only use that and the shell.

@steevej-1495 I think you missed the point that @xtianus was trying to convey to your org. For one, the content is excellent but the labs ARE WAY TO COMPLICATED TO UNDERSTAND. What you have is NOT JavaScript but some type of High Level Language that COMPLETELY hides the underlain code you are trying to teach like the document finds, the document CRUD in general and you have all of us students playing Lego code playing and leaving us more confused than ever and then there is the uncertainty the labs will work as intended. So far I’ve tried to take this course twice but unfortunately I don’t have the time to debug the labs for the sake of debugging the labs. I for one am very grateful to your organization for putting out the course material but the way the labs are created, if one has a problem with a lab and can’t skip to the next lab because one can’t continue until the labs are done in sequence then it becomes a show stopper at least for me. I’m interested in the new programming methodology but twice now I’ve been stopped in the middle because I can’t skip a lab and comeback if there is time.

I’ve taken the m121 course and passed with over 85% success rate so I know I can hack the material.

anywho: thanks and no more ranting…

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I am not part of the org. I am a student like you. And I knew very little JavaScript before I started the course. And I found the exercise acceptable. I really don’t understand when you say it is not JavaScript code. But like I said I cannot comment on that because I don’t know enough about JavaScript.

The api isn’t Javascript code it’s an api that uses Javascript. How do I know I can use .project() and or { projection: xxx} ???

Do you see what I am saying now? Where are the instructions for the actual api?