I never can connect to the m001 shell with the provided connection strings

Almost every time I have to connect to the shell in the IDE for a lab, I get various errors. The most common one is this:

DNSRecordTypeMismatch: A Domain Name cannot have tokens other than dash or alphanumerics.

This is the connection string:

user@M001# mongo “mongodb+srv://:@.mongodb.net/admin”

I’ve tried this course on multiple computers, browsers, and operating systems; all with the same results. Anyone else having this trouble?

Please share your connect string for us to check
You can create a test user and share the credentials

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The connection is posted in my question under the error that gets returned.

That is not full connect string.Is that what you tried?
Where is uri name in your string?

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Remember to define :@

You need a user and a cluster to connect.
If not defined mongo doesn’t know who you are and where do you want to connect.

Hope this solves your problem.

And btw, this link user@M001# mongo “mongodb+srv://:@.mongodb.net/admin” has omitted information because the website prevents you to sending your info by accident. So remember to fill username, password and the cluster.

Thanks Guilherme_Silva1. That helped.

No problem! Glad I could help.

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