I need to reschedule my exam C100DEV

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am supposed to take the following exam

C100DEV: MongoDB Certified Developer Associate Exam

at 8 P.M IST.

I showed the soft copy of my ID Proof. But I was told I need to carry hard copy of my ID Proof.

Since I didn’t carry Hard Copy of my ID Proof, I was asked to reschedule my exam.

Can you point me on how to reschedule my exam so that I can complete the certification exam.

I tried rescheduling using the Edit Registration option in Upcoming Exams and also I tried via examity. I am getting the following message that

Rescheduling not possible.

Need your help urgently to help me to reschedule the exam at the earliest.




Transfer Exam Sessions

There are no upcoming exams available at this time.

The above is the message I am getting.

Can you help me at the earliest

Hi @Chakrapani_68065,

Please check all schedules here:


If that does not fit your schedule, please email to certification@mongodb.com.