I need to know the IP of my cluster, Atlas does not resolve the domain name


I am having some problems connecting to the database from a server hosted at cloud and they asked me about the MongoDB server IP address so they can check more. Is there I way I can find out which is the IP address of the server where my DB is located?

Another question is the address of my cluster:aquino.pv2hrqc.mongodb.net , I can connect from my local machine to it.

nslookup aquino.pv2hrqc.mongodb.net

Why this DNS is not resolved. I tried to nslookup it and it doesn’t return anything.

I would like to better understand how it works, I have other databases in other clouds (RDS PostgreSQL, Redis, ScaledGrid) All endpoints that are passed to me resolve.

Atlas endpoint does not resolve the name.

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It is. See:

aquino.pv2hrqc.mongodb.net. IN ANY
aquino.pv2hrqc.mongodb.net. 60 IN TXT "authSource=admin&replicaSet=atlas-ljmqsp-shard-0"
aquino.pv2hrqc.mongodb.net. 60 IN SRV 0 0 27017 ac-tfd8xpu-shard-00-00.pv2hrqc.mongodb.net.
aquino.pv2hrqc.mongodb.net. 60 IN SRV 0 0 27017 ac-tfd8xpu-shard-00-01.pv2hrqc.mongodb.net.
aquino.pv2hrqc.mongodb.net. 60 IN SRV 0 0 27017 ac-tfd8xpu-shard-00-02.pv2hrqc.mongodb.net.

But you need to query something else than A records. Read about it at SRV record - Wikipedia.

Thanks for the information. It was what I needed.

Good to know, so Atlas Works with DNS SRV. I thought it was Type A.

One other question:

If I have an IP from Atlas, can I know which name it resolves to?

For example, this IP is from an Atlas cluster, but I would like to know which DNS it resolves to.

I say this because I have traffic monitoring on my network and the DNS is not shown, only the outgoing IPs and the amount of traffic that comes from each one.

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The tool you are already using, nslookup, can do that.

You may also use Dig (DNS lookup).

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