I need help in this question


I was doing the dba practice test and then I found the attached question


Can someone tell me why I am wrong?


Does document 1 have E? (Does document 1 have $all the letters from the array E,U)

Does document 3 have U? (Does document 3 have $all the letters from the array E,U)

And finally does document 2 have both E and U? (Does document 2 have $all the letters from the array E,Y)

Hi Mohamed,

look carefully at the question, it doesn’t ask “how many documents” but “which document(s)” , and the document number 2 is the only one that satisfy the query

i hope i have been of some help

see you!


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You can read about the $all operator.

And I’d highly suggest that you take all the courses in the DBA Learning Path before attempting the practice exams.

Hi Giulio,

You are right.

Thanks alot.

HI @Mohamed_67740,

I hope your doubt is clear now. Please feel free to get back to us if you have any other issues.

~ Shubham