I m not able to open app service on atlas

I open mongodb atlas
I m able to see data service but
when i moved to app service
it is send me back to data service

What can be the issue?

did this start new or always has been like this? if new, there might be temporary work on the site. At least for me, App Services is working as of now.

if old, your browser extensions might be interfering with the page, especially adblockers. they are not normally doing that, but if set to block things aggressively this might happen. I have multiple of them installed but the site is usually OK for me.

open the Developer Tools of your browser (usually F12 key opens it) and switch to its “console” tab and check error messages there. this may show info related to extensions if you know their names. also try disabling them and see if it fixes the issue.

I am also facing the same issue. I do see some HTTP status codes 401s in console.

401 error code is mainly used for authentication problems (unless a developer wants something else)

Atlas UI invalidates all logins and requires fresh login daily or earlier, and you should not be able to use service pages for that reason and be redirected back to the login page.

However, things can happen and the page might get stuck in the browser and still somehow show data service while refusing app services. (or it is just temporary issues caused by some fix/update applied at that moment).

you can try two things on the page itself:

  • open developer tools, right-click on the refresh :arrows_counterclockwise: button and select hard refresh, and clear cache.
  • just restart the browser.