I have no idea what I'm doing

It seems that a lot of steps are left out in chapter 0, I’m on the first lab and I still don’t have anything set up, other than getting rsync and ssh to run in the command line, I have oracle VM virtualbox on my desktop, I have no idea what vagrant is, and what to do with the virtualbox. Send help

Please follow your course instructions step by step
Is vagrant setup complete?
Please check our forums.You will get help

Lab: Setup Virtual Machine for Labs

yes vagrant is settup, but I don’t know how to settup virtual box with vagrant??
also, this is the forum…?

Yes this is our forum
Please search for topics on vagrant/virtual box

What is your operating system?
If vagrant setup is complete did you try vagrant status,vagrant up etc from vagrant-env dir

Please follow the instructions from your class/handouts etc

bit late, but anyways
I was watching the second lecture on chp0, and it says “m103-vagrant-env$ vagrant up” but there are no handouts and I have no where to input this command. Is this a mistake

also still no mention of what I’m supposed to do with the virtual box

You mentioned that you have completed vagrant setup
Where did you download the software
You must have created a dir and unzipped it
Under vagrant-env dir you will find vagrant
In Windows it will be like below

Please check your course page. On left side top you can see handout link