I have an error when connecting to aggregations atlas


When I connect to the aggregations Atlas I’m getting this error

Has anybody else got this error? If so, can somebody help me? thank you so much

never mind. It was a mistake. Simply type mongosh “mongodb://cluster0-shard-00-00-jxeqq.mongodb.net:27017,cluster0-shard-00-01-jxeqq.mongodb.net:27017,cluster0-shard-00-02-jxeqq.mongodb.net:27017/aggregations?replicaSet=Cluster0-shard-0” --authenticationDatabase admin --ssl -u m121 -p aggregations --norc in the command prompt. The reason for this is that… mongo shell is getting disable for future realeases


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Actually, the reason you were getting syntax errors is because you were trying to run the mongo command from within the mongosh environment, so your command line could not be interpreted by the MongoDB shell.

Command-line tools like mongo, mongosh, mongodump, and mongoimport need to be invoked from an operating system shell (bash, zsh, cmd.exe, etc).


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