I have a real concern about pricing


i’m looking on the princing of a cluster and i’m seeing 0,56$/hour for the M30.
If i understood correctly it’s around 400$ a month for 3000 simultaneous user connections ?

Is Realm not suited for startups? I found this too much expensive.
if i may compare to firestore, for around 300$ we can have 100 000 users daily.

Is there something i missed?

Thanks to all answers.

Hi @Nabil_Ben,

I think you are confusing the amount of connection pool database connections vs amount of concurrent realm requests.

The M30 does allow 3000 database connections but it does not block realm users from running an unlimited amount of concurrent requests against the realm application.

Realm smartly utelize connection pooling to the Atlas database therefore should never reach this limitation while still allowing your application users running 10s of thousands of requests(in min) as long as they don’t saturrate other database resources… Eventually 3000 concurrent database connection should sustain millions of daily requests.

Realm is built for startups and allow you a scalable backend which can run on any atlas tier including free clusters.


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Thanks i’m a junior developer. It’s kind new.
We are two developer working on a project and we saw 37 connections. We use Realm with graphQL for a web application.

So it has nothing to do with user currently logged in besides the requests?
Is there a doc or something to understand those connections.

For 1 million requests on realm, it will start about how much connections?
Example of use like we find on google docs would be great.

Hi @Nabil_Ben,

The beauty of realm is you don’t need to care about database connections , we optimized ot for you. What you need to examine is your response time and tune your queries/indexes and cluster size to follow your requirements.


Hello, I have kind of similar question.
Now I use only M0, where the limit is 500 connections.
If in my app I call Realm.open() does it mean that new connection is being opened?
And what is a difference between Realm.open() and new Realm() in this context?