I have a new use case that i have to create a mongo cluster with azure pipeline terraform Iac


I have to create a new atlas cluster with admin api key, it works when i deploy the terraform code on my local as my API key access list has my ip added, and when i call the same through azure yaml pipeline it fails as the pipeline agent IP is dynamic ex if i use Europe west i cannot white list all the range, is there a way to address this issue (i cannot use self hosted on azure devops)?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Kasirajan_Sethuraman - Welcome to the community :wave:

Just to clarify, when you state you “cannot white list all the range”, is this something you are unable to do in Atlas (e.g. error message, greyed out buttons, etc) or is this a security requirement on your end?

Curious to know if there’s a list or set of IP ranges (per region) for each of the pipeline agents and if you’ve tried adding that to the API key access list.


Hi Ignore this, yes that’s an issue with azure devops even it’s same when you try to access vnet integrated resources in azure. can be sorted with the runner(dedicated host).