I had registered for the course with two different emails, is there any way I can transfer the credits to one of them?

Hello everyone!

So I realised that I had registered for this course with two emails, one form work, the other was personal. I happened to turn in all my assignments on time and complete Week 1 on my work mail totally forgetting that I should’ve done that on my personal mail.

Today when I opened through my personal mail to check my progress, I saw that I’d gotten 0% in everything because I hadn’t submitted my exams on time, which baffled me because I had done everything on time. I’d like to not have my work-mail linked to this course and just my personal mail, whilst letting the progress be consistent.

Is there any way that I can link my MongoDB account with my personal mail?

Most logical way seems to be:

  1. Kill the account with the 0% score, completely cancel and close it.
  2. Change the email address on the other account to the desired address.

Hi Ashketh_08577,

I am not sure. I have forwarded the concern to the team and will get back to you!