I gave the correct answer to aggregation lab 1 but

…when I submitted it I got an error message from the site (sorry I can’t remember what it was). Now the lab says “Failed” even though it says I still have 3 tries left. Also, the radio buttons are inaccessible so I can’t try again.

I did log out and back on while working on this lab.

Please help so I can continue with the course! I saved the text from my mongoDB shell session if you need to see it.

  • Double check the deadline date for that Chapter
  • Try a different browser

The page tells me the assignment is due November 19 at 17:00. Is that my local time, EST, something else? It’s not 17:00 on November 19 yet so I should still be able to enter my answer.

Nevermind, I see it’s UTC. I missed it by less than 1 hour. Not cool Mongo.

You still had another 2 or 3 labs to complete the chapter :slight_smile:
You’ll will whizz through it next time :wink:

Yes I spent a lot of time on that lab. I couldn’t get the right answer until I realized I was matching on “genre” not “genres”.

What is the philosophy around not giving an error when you reference a non-existent field in the shell? That would have saved me hours.

Yeah I agree. MongoDB is loosely typed so ias long as it’s syntactically correct, it let’s it through. It’s this idea of “flexible” schema.

Hi @christopher_burdick_22479,

Since MongoDB supports varied structure of documents, therefore referencing a non-existent field will not give an error. It will still retrieve the results for all the other fields mentioned in the query. In MongoDB, it is not necessary for all the documents to have exactly same fields.

Moreover, please be mindful of chapter deadlines in the course. It is recommended to complete the labs much before the last date to avoid any last minute issues.

You can also register for the M121 course that started from Nov 19, 17:00 UTC and re-attempt all the labs again.

Please let me know, if you have any questions.