I forgot to start the course of chapters 1 and 2 can I catch up

I forgot to start the course… missing chapters 1 and 2 is it possible to still pass the class… obviously i missed those chapters labs but can I still do content and quizes? i am trying to keep on track to take the certification?


To get a certificate, you need to have a final grade of 65% or higher; one half of the final grade is the Final Exam, and one half are your total scores on the graded labs. You’ve missed 50% of the graded labs, and there’s no way to go back and redo those. However, if you get 100% on the rest of the graded labs and 100% on the Final Exam, your final grade would be 100 + 50 / 2 or 75%, so you would qualify for the certificate in that case.

OTH, the next session of this course starts on 9 April, so you might just want to unregister this time and re-register for the next – and set your calendar. :wink:

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