I/flutter: [ERROR] Realm: Failed to resolve': Host not found (authoritative)

Hi there,

I have the same problem running on flutter in release mode. (realm: ^0.3.1+beta)
I/flutter (10201): [ERROR] Realm: Failed to resolve ‘ws.ap-southeast-2.aws.realm.mongodb.com:443’: Host
not found (authoritative)
I/flutter (10201): [ERROR] Realm: SyncError message: Host not found (authoritative) category: SyncError

Weirdly, in debug it can be resolved:
I/flutter ( 9398): [INFO] Realm: Connection[1]: Session[1]: client_reset_config = false, Realm exists = true, client reset = false
I/flutter ( 9398): [INFO] Realm: Connected to endpoint ‘’ (from ‘192.168.x.x:52892’)


it turned out to be a internet permission, nothing to do with realm library

just adding the following permission in the androidmanisfest.xml file for release solved my problem
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/>


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