I dislike the use of masculine pronouns to describe Mongodb elements

It bothers me because I think it reinforces in people’s heads the bias that tech is only for men. I wish this course would use “it” instead of “he” and “him”. I realize that this mostly comes from a lecturer who does not appear to be a native English speaker, so that’s probably part of the problem, but I still find it alienating.


You might find that those are from lectures that weren’t scripted. There seems to be a mix between scripted and non-scripted lectures.

There are some other interesting nouns and/or verbs (take a pick):

  • rs.isMaster - master/slave relationship, masculine perhaps? Who knows! :slight_smile:
  • rs.slaveOk - is this a question about “well-being”? Do I sense empathy? Or is this re-affirming forced labour to the mongod daemon? :sweat_smile: