I could not find "rated" in the db.movies.findOne() document?

I could not find “rated” in the document?

MongoDB Enterprise Cluster0-shard-0:PRIMARY> db.movies.findOne()
“_id” : ObjectId(“573a1390f29313caabcd4192”),
“title” : “The Conjuring of a Woman at the House of Robert Houdin”,
“year” : 1896,
“runtime” : 1,
“cast” : [
“Jeanne d’Alcy”,
“Georges M�li�s”
“plot” : “A woman disappears on stage.”,
“fullplot” : “An elegantly dressed man enters through a stage door onto a set with decorated back screen, a chair and small table. He brings a well-dressed women through the door, spreads a newspaper on the floor, and places the chair on it. She sits and fans herself; he covers her with a diaphanous cloth. She disappears; he tries to conjure her back with incomplete results. Can he go beyond the bare bones of a conjuring trick and succeed in the complete reconstitution of a the lady?”,
“lastupdated” : “2015-08-26 00:05:55.493000000”,
“type” : “movie”,
“directors” : [
“Georges M�li�s”
“imdb” : {
“rating” : 6.3,
“votes” : 759,
“id” : 75
“countries” : [
“genres” : [
“tomatoes” : {
“viewer” : {
“rating” : 3.7,
“numReviews” : 59
“lastUpdated” : ISODate(“2015-09-11T17:46:29Z”)
MongoDB Enterprise Cluster0-shard-0:PRIMARY>


Not all the documents have a rated field. There are 23720 out of 44497 documents with the rated field.

José Carlos

The same for language

You are right. Please note that the field name is languages (in plural).

José Carlos