I could just use a bit of help with JS syntax please

I’m working my way through the code for getMovies, and I’m looking for some confirmation or correction concerning what I’m seeing here:

In the conditional statement for the “Supports paging by cast” test, queryParams becomes the object { query: { cast: { $ in: searchCast } }, project: {}, sort: DEFAULT_SORT }.

Then, on line 241, an (anonymous?) object passes values from queryParams into three variables named ‘query’, ‘project’, and ‘sort’. And that object has default values in case queryParams was still an empty object, as it was upon its declaration & assignment before the conditional block.

Am I close? I’ve struggled with the syntax of line 241 and don’t really know what to look up to read more about it.

As I didn’t take the JS variant of this course and I can’t see the preceding code, I’ll assume this is correct.

Line 241 is known as Destructuring, so using your analysis above, this line can be interpreted as:

let query = { cast: { $in: searchCast } }
let project = {}
let sort = { DEFAULT_SORT }

… it’s mapping object keys to variables with the same name.

Here’s a simple description.