I connect Sandbox but i don´t see collections Movie

I connect Sandbox but i don´t see collections Movie.
however if I connect by mongo shell if I see the collection
Someone had this problem

Same here
I went back to the shell and did a database listing with “show dbs” where I could see the video database listed however on the other side - Compass, after linking my Sandbox only the original databases are showing: admin and local

You have wrong when create db en sandbox. I fix it . i saw the tutorial again

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Didn’t quite get you. As per how you fixed yours exactly and what you meant by “you have wrong…

You connect a sandbox from mongo shell. Copy the connection from web. The connection is not same the video tutorial. You must completed the user and password. In website create the user m001-student an password. My enghish is very bad. I’m zorry

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Hi Williams_21963

When you checked from shell which command you used to connect to the cluster
Class cluster and Sandbox cluster are different
Most likely you connected to the class cluster
When you connected from compass you are in your sandbox
By default you see only admin and local DBs
Did you load the .js file given in your lab/handouts
One you load the file you will see the video DB and collections

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